26 oz. of spaghetti sauce goodness for $1.00… sssshhhhh!

Hunt’s sells huge cans of pasta sauce for $1.00. At most, I’ve paid $1.29. Like others, in past years I had thought you must get what you pay for. Ain’t necessarily so. You’ve bought Prego or Ragu before, and were shocked at the extreme sweetness and shallow taste of the sauces. That is not what I found with Hunt’s. You can actually taste the tomatoes and spices! I have purchased the Italian Sausage and the Garlic and Herb varieties with positive results.

Mind you, I typically add some other ingredients – like extra garlic – but the flavor base of the product is perfectly acceptable. I used one of these cans in the bastardized pasta e fagioli mentioned in a previous post, to lend reliable and clear tomato flavor to the dish. I think this is an excellent buy! Great to have as a kitchen staple.


One response to “26 oz. of spaghetti sauce goodness for $1.00… sssshhhhh!

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