recuperating from the common cold

Instead of my scheduled Saturday plans, I scrapped them in favor of truly recuperating from the cold that is making its rounds at work. Chicken soup of the Campbell variety and many hours of extra sleep have helped quite a bit already.

The 28 oz. “family” sized Campbell Chicken & Rice soup, at $2.29, yielded many, many, many bowlfuls of warm, soothing bliss. To the soup, I added sliced ginger, sauteed cabbage, tofu and cooked jasmine rice. Adding some Swanson’s Free Range Organic Chicken broth into the mix helped me extend it even further. (The truly frugal way to extend the soup – and this is top secret – would be to drop in a bit of ngouc mam). The ginger adds a nice, warming note, quite soothing for my aching head – completely worth the 68 cents; I bought a heaping 1/3 lb @ $1.99 per lb.

The jasmine rice comes in 25-lb bags at the grocery store, for around $12.00. When I want some rice, I pop it with some water in my Zojirushi rice cooker, and presto, it’s ready 40 minutes later. This Zojirushi is so smart, I can tell it when I want it to be ready, and set the alarm accordingly.

The organic tofu I snagged at Whole Foods at around $1.60 for 14 oz is an OK deal – I can spend identical $ for non-organic tofu (in the Asian groceries, it’s more like $1.00 for the same amount of non-organic tofu, but, factoring in the price of gas in going to another store here in the Midwest, the point is moot). Green cabbage has tons of vitamin C, (thus is profoundly antioxidant) and is of course stupendously cheap; the typical price I see in the supermarkets is 49 cents per pound.

For any of you suffering similarly, I would also recommend having many DVDs at the ready for palliative entertainment. For me, the Sergeant Cribb series (a BBC Victorian era detective show) fulfills that purpose nicely.


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  1. correction: the Whole Foods tofu usually sells in my area for about $1.00!

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