eating thawed frozen sweet potatoes

Well, hell’s bell…they’re about the best thing in the world: frozen sweet potatoes that are thawing out. A few days ago, I baked some sweet potatoes. Popped them in at 425 Fahrenheit for 40 min. or so. Delicious. I made extra, and feared that the high sugar content in combination with their perfect moisture would render them into the ideal petrie dish. So, I froze the surplus. Yesterday morning, I thought I might want a bite or too of them later, so, I transferred them to the fridge.

Yesterday’s dessert? Three big bites of heavenly, sweet, melting sweet potato. Yes, it is even better than you can ever imagine. The inner layer of the skins separates from the rest of the flesh while baking, and carmelizes in the process. Oh, but hey, while thawing, the carmelized layer forms a little sauce when it mixes with the condensation of the container that gathers. Hence, it becomes like the most brilliant custard that you could ever hope to taste. Yes. Try this! You will love it!

And, p.s. – I’m not doing this for the beta carotene!!!


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