stuffed cabbage / holubet @ Kramarczuk’s

Imagine: tender cabbage leaves surrounding seasoned meat and rice, with a little bed of assertive – but not overly tart- sauerkraut, laced with tiny crumbs of sausage, and dressed with tomato cream sauce. That is the delight of holubet, a Ukranian rendition of stuffed cabbage. This was my lunch the other day for $5.99. My friend had a pastrami sandwich, which he found “OK.”

Now, I chose from the side of the menu labeled “Ethnic,” while he didn’t. I don’t understand his choice of lunch. He told me that the place was quite the institution, and that it was Eastern European. We could have very well landed in either the pizza place or the sandwich place across the street. The sandwich was a copout. People, honor thy culinary artists, and take a risk! Order that dish you do not understand – and for the love of all comestibles, do not order a sandwich just because you are afraid of what’s behind door #2.

P.S. Check out Deep End Dining to read about risk taking when dining out!

photo credit: moncrief speaks took this fine picture.


5 responses to “stuffed cabbage / holubet @ Kramarczuk’s

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  2. mmm i love the holubets!

  3. can you give me your recipe for holubets? Ii’m croatian and we make the same and call it sarma or pigs in the blanket…. thank you greatly if you can reply.

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