Goya led me astray (no, not the painter…)

Whatever you do, do not follow Goya’s recipe on the back of its package of black beans. I, with such naivete, desired to try something new. The recipe, titled, “Classic Black Beans and Rice,” intends to serve four. The recipe directs the reader to add vinegar, green pepper, garlic, oregano, and Goya’s Sazon to the black beans.

My beans were perfectly good when this started. I had soaked them overnight. After subjecting them to the Goya recipe, they were unsalvageable; I tried adding some pan-fried SPAM to them to no avail. SPAM usually perks things up. Mind you, it cannot transform anything to haute cuisine, but, it has its uses. In the end, I have about two quarts of beans that can’t go anywhere. If you have had different results with this recipe, feel free to let me know.

On the bright side, I have hope for another black bean recipe: sauteed garlic with black beans. I have it on good authority that this prep is sufficiently tasty to establish a proper meal of rice n’ beans. This sounds simple enough, and I know from other preparations that the garlic marries beautifully to the beans.


5 responses to “Goya led me astray (no, not the painter…)

  1. I have been hesitant to try this same recipe. Thank goodness I came across your post. I’ve never had an issue with Goya products but that was when I already knew how to make a dish and I wanted to use their flavors and ingredients.

    Oh well I guess I’ll have to troll around and see what other people have to say is “their” recipe for the dish. Perhaps allrecipes.com will have a highly rated dish by many users.

  2. What Goya products have you liked? I’ve tried their “Dirty Rice,” and some other bagged rice products. I think the flavor is OK, but quite salty.

  3. I happen to like Goya’s black bean recipe. Maybe you over did it on one of the ingredients. I like to add a little sugar to sweeten the beans up a bit and counter the salt.
    Try the black beans from a can next time, they are fool proof. I like the Kirby, El Ebro and Goya brands (in that order). If you cannot find them a your local store, you can buy them online at http://www.cubanproducts.com.
    Good luck on your next batch!

  4. Hi Cristy,

    That’s entirely possible…thanks for the tip!


  5. ilovegoyaproducts

    i love goya products and i was sad when i saw that you didn’t like the finished product. however, i have to agree with cristy in that you more than likely over did it on one of the ingredients and that the canned black beans by goya are far more tasty when using their recipe.

    good luck in the future!

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