Californified Miso (Miso & Whole Wheat Cappellini)

Organic, whole wheat cappellini…how’re you going to use that? Well, I spotted it at the local fancy-pants market for the same price as the organic refined wheat cappellini- thought I’d give it a whirl. Whole wheat cappellini…how to describe it…it’s delicious. Sweet, with sunshine-y flavor, utterly yummy.


  • “white”* (or, shiro) miso paste (I got mine from Whole Foods – seemed to work fine);
  • dashi**;
  • regular or soft tofu;
  • scallions; and
  • whole wheat cappellini.

Simmer the water, and add the miso. Add the dashi. Do not let the water get above a simmer. Cube the tofu into 1/4″ pieces (well, you could have them bigger). Drop into the soup. Once the tofu is hot, add in the cappellini. By the time that the soup regains the proper temperature (remember, no boiling!) the cappellini should be almost done. Slice the scallions as small as you can. Sprinkle the scallions and serve. The miso and the whole wheat truly complement each other beautifully.

*You could use “red” (aka) miso, but, I am not sure that the red will complement these noodles as much as the white would.

** This recipe is “flexitarian” because of this ingredient, i.e., dashi includes fish stock.


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