maximally lazy and frugal version of feijoada (under $0.25 per serving) // Year of the Boar post #2

The national dish of Brazil. The gourmet’s answer to those complaining about their burdensome student loans. The ultimate in comfort food. Feijoada. Oh, and to serve it? With steamed white rice*, and quickly-sauteed collards – and toasted farofa (cassava flour) if you have it. This simple prep gives you a creamy dish, full of flavor and beautiful dark purple/black color.


  • 2 lbs dry black beans, soaked overnight ($2.18, total)
  • 1 pkg of smoked pork neck bones (I used about $4.00 worth)
  • 2 cloves of garlic (pennies)
  • water to taste

Cost per meal? Since this recipe makes untold quarts…I’m guessing it’s quite low…perhaps $0.15 per?

For the slow cooker:

Put the pork and beans in the slow cooker, set toHIGH. Add a few inches of water above the beans and pork. Cook it for 4 hrs.

For the stove:

Pour in the beans and smoked pork (could be smoked ham hock, etc.) with water covering the beans by a few inches. If prepping this on a stove, bring the pot to a boil, then permit to simmer very gently for about three hours.

To finish:

Put a little vegetable oil on a hot skillet, and throw in some very finely minced garlic with a little salt. In seconds, the heat will carmelize the garlic (don’t let it burn!). Throw it into the beans. Done!

* Keep in mind…serving it with steamed Japanese rice as depicted above is customary for the nipo brasileiro – of which I am half!

Update: April 5, 2008 – finally added a picture from a recent rendition of this easy and frugal prep!

If you are coming to this post from My Open Wallet, you might be interested in my other posts about one dollar meals.


12 responses to “maximally lazy and frugal version of feijoada (under $0.25 per serving) // Year of the Boar post #2

  1. I made this with BBQ chicken, but it was the feijoada that people wanted

  2. Absolutely love love love your website!! thankyou for having a sense of humor. Will attempt feijoada recipe tomarrow, am so looking forward to it. Ill leave comment if it comes out right.

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  8. Dude! Another japrazilian blogging about feijoada?!

    Check out my foodkake site for my version of feijoada. Not so frugal … I think a batch for 50 people ran me about $300. But man, it was totally worth it.

  9. Marcos,

    How could anyone resist such an authentic version!!! Looks SO good! You are so right – orange slices are MUST!


  10. Dude you can’t call that “Feijoada with just one meat! Maybe add some smoked sausage or deli ham or a little corned beef. What you got there is a dish of plain “pork n beans”. You have to at least throw in a little offal, ie :pig feet,pig tails,ears, beef tongue. Give me a break!!!!! You are half Brazilian, is that right?

  11. one small add in I’d humbly suggest…Bay Leaves…
    Without them, you don’t have the feijoada taste,
    it’s simply really good pork and beans..

    To truly have the Feijoada taste,
    the bay leaves are much more important that mulitple meats,
    which is good too.

    I am making today, with bacon, pork shoulderblade, and hot italian sausage, along with Great Nothern (white) beans, & kidney beans.

  12. Hi Jason,

    sounds interesting! Wow, I’ve certainly never made it with white beans – always black beans. Thanks for sharing!


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