mini-post – cinnamon + ice cream = joy!

There are times you are stuck with too much vanilla ice cream. I have a solution for that: cinnamon powder. Add copious amounts of it to your vanilla immediately before serving. The pretty speckles of cinnamon will add a grainy look to the ice cream, in addition to a perfect complement to the vanilla.


2 responses to “mini-post – cinnamon + ice cream = joy!

  1. I like your recipe, it is so simple when I try it, it is so very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. One of my very favorite desserts is hot apple pie with cinnamon ice cream. When I was growing up in Pittsburgh, it was a specialty of King’s Restaurant (aka King’s Country Kitchen). They had a particularly vivid cinnamon ice cream. Think electric tan to get an idea.

    Since, there’s rarely any kind of cinnamon ice cream available in the Bay area, (electric tan or otherwise) I’m going to have to give this idea a try next time we have apple pie.

    Thanks for the idea! And Hi! I’m still reading along.


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