instant fruit salad

Well, I was packing lunch for work and I thought it might be nice to have something sweet along with it. Got canned pineapple on sale. Had some ripe-ish bananas too. And of course, soy milk. I got the soy milk from Costco – it’s organic(!), of the Kirkland (Costco) brand itself. Very cheap – 12 packages for less than ten dollars! Anyways, mix sliced banana, canned pineapple with a few swigs of soy milk for an amazing flavor. The pineapple juice is stunning and bright on its own. The soy milk somehow accentuates the pineapple juice’s acidity by supplying a creamy counterpoint. Oh, just try it!


2 responses to “instant fruit salad

  1. Do you add the fruit on top of the soy milk or you add aga-aga to make jello?

  2. Haven’t tried adding agar agar yet, but, I bet that would work!

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