turkey curry from the pressure cooker…mmm-mmm!

Sometimes, a girl falls in love with her pressure cooker. And this was yet again one of those occasions. The turkey becomes perfect – melting in your mouth. Get about three pounds of turkey drumsticks. Wash the meat, and set it aside. Put your pressure cooker on medium high, and start chopping two yellow onions coarsely. Also chop two cups of cabbage coarsely. Saute the onion at the bottom of the pressure cooker, until they just begin to sweat. Add in the curry powder – two or three tablespoons, to taste. Stir quickly to toast the curry powder with the onions. Stir in the cabbage.

Push everything to the side and introduce the drumsticks. Put the onion mix over the drumsticks. Add in three tablespoons of nam pla. Lock the lid. I put the heat on medium, letting it linger for twenty minutes, then pressuring it for about five minutes. Let it stay for about forty minutes after turning off the heat. Well…it’s very nice. You’ll have to add salt while eating, but, I think that’s alright. The cabbage and the onion create a subtle sweetness that sets off the turkey nicely. The bones give off great deep flavor. Serve it with some steamed rice. Oh, there’s nothing better in the whole world than coming home to that!


One response to “turkey curry from the pressure cooker…mmm-mmm!

  1. Oh boy, I can’t wait to try this! It is making my stomach rumble. Yum yum!

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