Run, don’t walk, to Fairway and get Gata Hurdes olive oil

Either that, or, bribe any New Yorker you can get your hands on. One of my friends made the mistake of letting me try some Gata Hurdes olive oil. It’s Spanish. Beautiful green. Amazing flavor: smooth, fruity (perhaps even a teensy grassy), and a nod in the direction of pepperiness with a final destination of almost sweet. He then offered to get me some more of it from New York City’s fine food retailer, Fairway Market. Well, I accepted – got two bottles, intending for my parents to try it. They fell, head over heels in love with it – accompanied only by some Safeway “artisanal” baguette. I don’t know who else besides Fairway carries this, but, I might have to hassle my friend again when my supplies run low!!! It is this oil (a mere $14.99 for a liter!) that lets me believe that Athena handily won the hearts of the Greeks, by giving them the olive tree.

Gata Hurdes


3 responses to “Run, don’t walk, to Fairway and get Gata Hurdes olive oil

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  2. Bought the Gata – Hurdes last week @ Pelham Manor store of Fairways, got the last 2 bottles only because they were on display in their cafeteria, but alas the price is now $19.99
    Have searched high and low for a oil of this quality and I’m hiding it from the rest of the family.

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