The Pressure Cooker Gourmet, by Victoria Wise (mini-review)

Last year, I purchased “The Pressure Cooker Gourmet.” Long before I had a pressure cooker to call my own, I was apprehensive about fending off kitchen explosions and the psk-psk sound – is the noise inspiring or anxiety-provoking?

Ms. Victoria Wise reveals that these formidable tools are quite easy and safe to handle. More importantly, she employs the rare skill of explaining how the food actually works. The relevance of connective tissue in a roast. That sort of thing. All the recipes seem to have a manageable number of ingredients – most have no greater than ten. She is ultimately practical about technique/preparation, which I appreciate. For example, she encourages the reader to take advantage of the extra time the pressure cooker affords with “embellishments and finishing touches,” such as garnishes or other little delights that move a meal from basic to sublime.

This book was the tipping factor that helped me decide to add my beloved 6-quart, stainless steel Presto to my culinary life. Oh the romance!


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