happy 1st anniversary to DWTS!

Working on this blog for a year and some change has taught me a thing or two. I thought I’d share them here. :-).

  1. You gotta have pictures!!! They are proof of concept, i.e., that the recipe worked at least once or that the experience actually happened. I’ve only been posting pictures regularly since December 2007…and I’ll try to keep that up.
  2. The more obscure the topic the better. I guess that help in terms of search engines giving the post a high ranking. But I have no idea if that’s what makes people come back to read. Getting to different places helps. Like metafilter, and del.ici.ous. And all that jazz. Oh I have not been vigilant about going after these things.
  3. It’s not exactly an honor to get “splogged,” but hey, just send a nasty letter referring to guys that can break kneecaps, and see how fast they can take down your content!
  4. To my surprise, people actually read this blog. That’s an utter shock! Yes, even people I don’t even know! Whoooooooooo!
  5. Blogging satisfies the “scrapbooking” or “gratitude journal” habit nicely. That’s probably best thing of all. I’m sure we’d all live longer if we spent time being appreciative of the day’s goings-ons. It’s all about the ikigai!

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