Spinach Frittata. Egg in a Nest. Oven Fried Red Potatoes. Miscellaneous Breakfast Joy

When I made a spinach frittata recently, I let someone, who shall remain nameless, have a “bite.” Somehow, upon my return to the pan, hoping to enjoy the last two tablespoons, the rest of it had disappeared! The explanation: “well, it was so good…” Oh, a little flattery gets you everywhere. Who says crime doesn’t pay!

Spinach (and Bean Salad) Frittata:

  • 2 eggs;
  • 2 egg whites;
  • 2 whopping cups of organic spinach from Costco;*
  • 4 tablespoons of bean salad, drained;**
  • 4 tablespoons of Kraft Parmesan grated cheese; and
  • black pepper, to taste.

Feeds one very very hungry person (me). Plus one interloper. OK, so, I sliced the spinach leaves into a loose chiffonade. While the cast iron skillet heated up to a nice medium high, I beat the eggs together with the spinach, bean salad, cheese, and black pepper. Threw some vegetable oil on there. Then I put it all in the skillet. And then tried to flip it, in parts. That was pretty much it. Probably took me all of 4 or 5 minutes of prep. Might have taken 10 minutes to cook. The bean salad adds sweetness, a nice chewiness, and a great tang that stands up to the spinach nicely.

Egg in the Nest

Also made Egg in the Nest recently, with the help of this lid:

Began like so:

Ended like so:

Now you know when I say you might want to avoid using raisin bread to make Egg in the Nest…well, I lived through the hardship of over-carmelization – so you can learn from my pain…

Red Potato Oven Fries

You buy a sack of potatoes. You have the very best intentions. But how quickly can any human get through a 5lb bag (especially if rice = = primary starch)? The potatoes looked wilted and lame after waiting around with nothing to do for too darn long. I resuscitated them overnight with a dash of vinegar. Vinegar prevents the potatoes from browning. I don’t have the “before.” Just know and trust that the potatoes were less than photogenic.


The next day, I drained and dried them, slathered them in olive oil and a pre-packaged Italian-style herb mix before baking them at 375F for about 1/2 hr. Easy as pie. Freezes and microwaves beautifully. Lovely to have for breakfast, especially with eggs and some fine coffee.

After roasting, then freezing:

*Links you to a 2004 industry article regarding the synergy between Costco’s membership base and the organic agriculture market.

**Since the first time I made it, I find myself making it every few weeks. This last rendition boasted some canned corn.


13 responses to “Spinach Frittata. Egg in a Nest. Oven Fried Red Potatoes. Miscellaneous Breakfast Joy

  1. everything looks good… EVERYTHING. the egg in the nest! i’d still it, but i like things slightly over cooked!

    haven’t posted any recipes yet, but did start an entery about chai.. still formulating that too!



  2. Thanks for your comment! I’d love to see your chai recipe!!!

  3. Hi – Just wanted to say I’ve been enjoying your blog. I like the focus on quick and low-cost dishes. That’s my kind of cooking! Great pictures also.

    I’m a Minnesotan too – I live in North Minneapolis. Do you shop at the Minneapolis farmer’s market? I can’t wait for it to start again. Could also use some warmer weather…

    Maybe some roasted chickpeas will help cheer me up. I’m definitely going to try that.

    About the potatoes – you cut them up and soak them overnight in the water, right? How much vinegar do you include? If the potatoes are fresh would you still add the vinegar?


  4. Hi Michelle,

    Aw, I’m thrilled you like it!!! It’s amazing how little it costs to eat fabulously.

    Well, I don’t live in MN anymore…but, I used to hit the St. Paul Farmer’s Market on Wall St. from time to time – where’s the Mpls one?

    Hm, there’s was probably about 1/2 gallon of water soaking maybe 8 large red-skinned potatoes. I think I gave it about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, either generic or Heinz brand. If the potatoes were fresh, I suppose the vinegar might prevent browning.

    As for the cold…well, I know there were MANY times that making chicken curry helped me survive that snowed-in feeling!!! That, and a good hot chocolate.

    Let me know how the chickpeas turn out!


    I totally forgot to say – if you go to Super Target, they used to have frozen Brussels sprouts for like $.87 per pkg. It’s so nice to have something that convenient, bright and happy when it’s freezing out, and you’re pining away for spring! I used to like to nuke three in a bowl, for 90 secs, and just drizzle with black pepper, salt, and olive oil while hot. Butter and/or Parmesan are great additions too!

  5. A great idea for the red potatoes. I also like all your photos of packaging – it’s like being in a supermarket overseas – everything looks different even if the contents are familiar. I’m going to try it too!

  6. Aw, thanks! No red potato should languish for lack of vinegar! Yay! I’d love to see what your supermarkets are like!

  7. Your photos are brilliant!

    My daughter loves eggs in a nest, she has them all the time. I’m with Lush – I love my food well done 🙂

    The chickpea recipe is a nice one. I’m going to try that. Great how you’ve worked out the cost of everything – really helpful.

  8. Why thank you very much! Egg in the nest is one of those things I kinda forgot, and it’s nice to inject some fun into breakfast!

  9. Mei, super great blog idea. I love it!! =)

  10. I eat egg in a nest almost every day for breakfast. Except I call it toad in a hole. Your name makes much more sense.

  11. I’m sure that toads are cute too. And, they (well, frogs) turn into Prince Charming!

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