Budget Friendly Indulgences. Chocolate and more!

Trader Joes Chocolate Soy Dreamy 32 oz

Trader Joe's Organic Chocolate Soy Dreamy 32 oz

In order for me to enjoy menu planning, and to stave off temptation, it helps quite a bit to know that I will get my treats. I need sweet, salty, and crunchy! For my sweet tooth, I have allowed myself to buy the Trader Joe’s 17oz of belgian chocolate for $3.29. I figure that should last me at least two months! That is a lot of dessert! As is Trader Joe’s lovely organic 32 – oz dairy-free chocolate ice cream (Soy Dreamy) for $2.99. I was very happy with it. Soy Delicious has a more intense chocolate flavor but I was perfectly happy with TJ’s – at nearly half the price.

soy creamy in a bowlsoy creamy in a bowl

To protect myself against the desire to grab a box of Cheezits, I have invested in a 2-lb block of delicious Tillamook medium sharp cheddar (I got that for about $13.00 at Safeway). A small slice of that with some crackers makes for a lovely, lovely snack. As for a savory delight, I decided to make a habit of getting a bag of soft corn tortillas – I think I got two dozen for about 3 dollars. Pop one in the toaster for crunch and slather with canned black beans, garlic, cheese and hot sauce, for complete proteins and complete satisfaction.

Save Mart assorted pork chops for $1.59/lb

Save Mart assorted pork chops for $1.59/lb

On an attenuated note, I must also tell you of my victory with Safeway. I noticed that the Save Mart flyers were selling assorted pork chops for $1.59/lb.  Safeway also a special price for assorted pork chops – but $2.49. I asked the cashier to let me know if Safeway honored price-matching and showed her the Save Mart flyer.

Save Mart flyer

Save Mart flyer

Safeway flyer

Safeway flyer

She called for a manager because she didn’t know. The manager told me that it was not their policy to price-match but that she would let me have the chops at my price if that would keep me coming to the store. I told her that I usually shop here but that $1.59/lb at Save Mart was very “motivating.” Due to the fact that none of us had a calculator handy, she ended up selling them to me for barely $1.00/lb!!! Craziness!!! They were delicious…I prepared them in a cast-iron pan with some butter, soaking them with my beloved Worchestershire sauce.

Receipt of TRIUMPH

Receipt of TRIUMPH

That’s all for right now, but I am looking forward to blogging again and enjoying your company!


2 responses to “Budget Friendly Indulgences. Chocolate and more!

  1. Welcome back!
    I miss reading your blog.
    I am glad you do not forget us, followers.

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