Adventures in Container Gardening!

Georgia Collards Seedlings

Georgia Collards Seedlings

Ah, please forgive me for not blogging! California is too beautiful to endure staying in front of the computer longer than necessary. But the temperatures are dropping a little bit, so I may be a little bit more committed to the blog.

Fall season means sales on old seeds. So I couldn’t resist when I saw seed packets priced to go – 50% off! Including fall-friendly veggies – like radishes, collards, broccoli rapini, and mixed Asian salad greens. The radishes are supposed to be ready in 25 days, the salad greens in 40 days, and the collards / broccoli take 80 days. My first bunch of seedlings started in egg cartons. I had a second batch, including carrot seeds, that got completed obliterated when I accidentally left them out overnight one time…ah, I’m sure the bugs loved that a lot!

For years I forgot how much I loved plants – the romance rekindled recently when I came across a ton of Fine Gardening magazines and other plant porn. It was fabulous! So these little seedlings, even if they do not become meals unto themselves, just make me happy by popping up, out of the soil, and into the sky. I suppose that sounds a bit grand!

Radish Baby Plants - three weeks old

Radish Baby Plants - three weeks old

I noticed that these little radish plants might grow up a bit stringy, instead of round (as advertised on the back of the packet) but it’s something that I’ll have to figure out. I’m using the same soil and watering schedule for all of the baby plants right now. I might need to tweak those variables a bit.

Asian Salad Green seedlings in a strawberry pot

Asian Salad Green seedlings in a strawberry pot

As you will see below, there is some fluffy stuff on top of the soil that looks suspiciously like lint…because it is! I read in quite a few places that lint deters slugs and snails from munching on your veggies. I didn’t see any slug / snail trails, so the lint must have worked. However, the baby greens were still attacked by some other bug. But the plants are beginning to look much like your fancy mesclun mix, right?

Asian Salad Green seedlings in a strawberry pot

Asian Salad Green seedlings in a strawberry pot

Sun: All of these plants are in a location that gets full sun at least 6 hours each day. For the seedlings, I was placing them outside during the day, keeping them in at night to prevent early slaughter.

Soil: Hm, I didn’t do anything special. So far, I got a “patio-friendly” soil mix, which is supposed to help retain water and is designed to be used with container plantings.

Drainage: for each of the containers, I’ve placed an upside-down plastic 1-gallon (or smaller) pot, then placed the soil around it to ensure excellent drainage. No soggy soil here. Under each pot, there is a plant saucer to catch the excess water.

That’s all for now!

P.S. I am hoping that I will eat more greens, and I don’t really have many excuses about refusing to eat veggies if I am growing them myself!!!


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  1. Welcome back.

    Love to read your blog!

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